Discussion on the application scope and use of boarding bridge

Discussion on the application scope and use of boarding bridge

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Technical concept

With the development of science and technology, people's life is more and more convenient, not only saving time but also saving a lot of human resources, hydraulic elevator is one of them. At present, the elevator is usually divided into fixed type and mobile type. Now let's talk about the reasons for choosing the hydraulic elevator.



1. Efficient use of a lift is conservatively estimated to save 20 porters. Not only that, in addition to the need for a significant reduction in personnel after use, the labor intensity of each employee has also been reduced, not only saving costs but also greatly improving work efficiency.

2. The design of the machinery and equipment of the easy to maintain elevator is about ten times of the actual load, which has high reliability and stability, convenient maintenance and strong operability

Mobile loading bridge, also known as loading platform, loading platform, container loading bridge, etc., is mainly used to solve the problem that when loading and unloading trucks, the forklift can not directly board the truck to load and unload goods, and manual secondary handling is time-consuming and laborious. Applicable occasions mobile boarding bridge is mainly used for loading and unloading trucks and containers in warehouses, large docks, industrial and mining enterprises, construction enterprises, logistics and other enterprises and institutions. It is convenient for carrying forklifts to directly enter the trucks through the mobile boarding bridge to carry goods without wasting manpower for many times, so as to improve the production efficiency, reduce the hidden costs of enterprises and increase the profit margin of enterprises.

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