Leading technological change and inheriting the spirit of "Craftsmanship"

Leading technological change and inheriting the spirit of "Craftsmanship"

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On the morning of January 17, 2016, mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. held a media meeting in Jining, Shandong Province. The heads of relevant departments of Shantui products, technology and marketing and many media from across the country conducted in-depth communication on the product R & D, service system and development concept of Shantui. At this media conference, mechanical equipment conveyed the idea of adhering to the spirit of "Craftsmanship" in the field of construction machinery manufacturing and R & D.

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Inherit the spirit of craftsmanship and create technological change

As a leading enterprise in the construction machinery industry, mechanical equipment has gone through 36 years in the field of construction machinery manufacturing and R & D. mechanical equipment personnel always adhere to the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, excellence and inheritance of the spirit of "Craftsmanship". It is understood that mechanical equipment has made important achievements in product digital technology and intelligent technology, and has successively launched the first domestic intelligent driverless bulldozer, super horsepower bulldozer and the world's first gas bulldozer. In terms of intelligent product research and development, it has been at the forefront of domestic engineering machinery field.

In addition, mechanical equipment has strong technical foundation and advantages in the field of R & D and production of supporting parts. It leads the development of the industry in terms of lubrication track technology, locking torque converter technology, integrated development technology of hydraulic, electrical and transmission components, etc.; in terms of manufacturing process, mechanical equipment accumulates unique forging and casting technology, hard tooth surface gear processing technology, gear system production The whole induction hardening technology, assembly precise control technology and other advantages of the product fully tap the potential of the material itself, so that the mechanical equipment products have a higher life limit; Shantui is even more fruitful in product patents, only the whole series of product patents have more than 850, with the application rate of more than 70%.

Improve the quality control system and focus on breaking through the "last mile of improvement"

Mechanical equipment implements the quality management concept of "rule first, win-win mutual trust and continuous improvement", develops SQS quality improvement system, adopts the technology of "pressurization + air-to-air cooling + high pressure common rail", after switching national III engine, matches and upgrades the electrical system, cooling system, control system, etc., realizing host energy saving, efficiency, emission reduction, and higher intelligent control. At the same time, the informatization quality management platform was established, the chairman's quality award fund was set up, the "quality benchmark of front-line employees" was set up, the principle of "improving the last kilometer" was implemented, the refined management level was comprehensively improved, the manufacturing process was optimized, and the testing process was strengthened, and the city director's quality award, provincial director's quality award and national quality award were successively awarded, and the most stringent quality award was successfully passed in 2015 The national military standard quality system appraisal of Ge provides practical guarantee for the creation of customer value.

Develop value service for customers in the whole life cycle

From the moment of product research and development, mechanical equipment has opened a service system of "customized whole life cycle" for customers. First of all, product customization, mechanical equipment overturn the traditional process of new product introduction, establish the application engineering department, go out of the laboratory of R & D, move technical support and service assurance to the front line of the market, understand the experience and feelings of the final customer, and customize personalized product and construction solution development accordingly. There are more than 170 customized bulldozer models, loaders and road machinery , concrete mixing plant, fire truck, etc. are all customized, and the modified customized cowshed slot milling machine fills the domestic blank.

Secondly, service is customized, brand service is promoted innovatively, 360 degree customized service is provided, and special service expert group is built for the purpose of "comparing ingenuity with heart, warming people's heart". No matter inside or outside the insurance, no matter equipment use or disposal, the rights and interests of customers enjoying life-long service are guaranteed. Aiming at the special and severe working conditions such as sd90 super horsepower bulldozer and srp95 paver, we launched "nanny" service, quickly provided personalized solutions, and meticulously created customer-specific services. Among them, sd90 super horsepower bulldozer won the title of "China's first major technical equipment demonstration project" due to its excellent product performance and personalized service.

Focus on customer experience and enhance brand value

If an enterprise wants to keep its foundation forever, customer recognition is crucial. Over the years, we have been committed to collecting customers' opinions and suggestions through various channels, and striving to improve customer experience. Mechanical equipment uses information technology as the support carrier to start the application of 121 system, CRM / DMS, SPRS and other information systems, especially through the map of SPRS system, we can check the distribution and use of various types of equipment in the country, regularly customize the equipment maintenance and repair request into SMS to send customers, realize service monitoring and scheduling, and greatly improve the service customers The working level of the household. At the same time, the mechanical equipment has built a service team with strong logistics support, high skills and high quality, strengthened the training of high-end core parts maintenance skills, fully met the needs of the full life cycle service of conventional products and large tonnage products, and fulfilled the commitment of "mountain push service, everywhere at all times".

"Excellent craftsmanship, sincere experience", mechanical equipment people are always using their tireless spirit of exploration, enthusiasm, sincere service attitude, constantly pursuing higher standards of professional level, showing the world the awe of mechanical equipment made in China, the sincerity of users, also using their own practical actions to practice the precious "Craftsmanship" spirit.

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