Development history of lifting platform

Development history of lifting platform

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Lifting platform appears with the demand of people for vertical transportation, as long as human civilization. The original lifting platform uses basic power methods such as manpower, animal power and water power to lift the weight. Before the industrial revolution, these power modes were widely used by lifting devices.

In ancient Greece, Archimedes developed an improved lifting device operated by ropes and pulleys, which used winches and levers to wind the lifting rope around the winding post.

In 80 A.D., gladiators and wildlife arrived at the height of the Colosseum in the Roman theater on the original platform. Medieval records include countless people who pull up and down devices and patterns that supply isolated locations. One of the most famous is the elevating platform of the monastery of Saint Baram in Greece. The monastery is located at the top of the mountain about 61 meters above the ground. The elevator uses baskets or cargo nets to transport people and goods up and down.

In 1203, the lifting platform of a monastery on the French coast was installed with a huge wheel, powered by a donkey. By winding the rope around a huge column, the load was lifted.

In the 18th century, the world entered the first industrial revolution, mechanical force as a more convenient and efficient power has been widely used in lifting platform. In this period, the rapid development of lifting platform has played an important role in the future development of lifting platform.

In 1743, Louis 15 of France authorized the installation of a personnel lifting platform using a balance in the private palace of Versailles.

In 1833, a system of reciprocating rods was used to lift and lower miners in the halts mountains of Germany.

In 1835, a belt driven lifting platform called "winch" was installed in a British factory.

In 1846, the first industrial hydraulic lifting platform appeared. Then other powered lifting devices came along very quickly.

In 1854, american mechanic Otis invented a ratchet mechanism to show the safe lifting platform at the New York trade fair. In 1889, when the Eiffel Tower was built, a steam powered lifting platform was installed, and then the elevator was used.

In 1892, the lifting equipment of astillero mountain in Chile was completed. Until now, 15 lifting platforms still use the mechanical equipment of more than 110 years ago.

At present, the highest achievement of the world's lifting platform should not be a lifting platform on the "Saint Godard tunnel" under construction in the Swiss state of glauberdon. "Saint Godard tunnel" is an underground railway tunnel from alpine ski resort to other countries in Europe, with a total length of 57 km, which is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in 2016. At the "Alps" high-speed train station, which is about 800 meters above the ground, a lifting platform will be built to reach the ground directly. After completion, it will be the longest lifting platform in the world. After arriving at the ground through the lifting platform, passengers can take the alpine ice sightseeing express train, and arrive at the mountain resort in two hours.

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