Main classification of lifting platform

Main classification of lifting platform

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According to the different methods of movement, it can be divided into fixed lifting platform, mobile lifting platform, hydraulic lifting platform, curved arm lifting platform and cylinder set lifting platform.

1. Fixed type

It is a kind of goods lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide application scope, which is mainly used for goods transportation between the height difference of production line; material on-line and off-line; workpiece height adjustment during workpiece assembly; high-altitude feeder feeding; component lifting during large-scale equipment assembly; large machine tool loading and unloading; warehouse loading and unloading place and forklift and other transport vehicles supporting rapid loading and unloading of goods, etc 。

According to the use requirements, accessory devices can be configured for any combination, such as safety protection device of fixed lifting platform; electrical control mode; working platform form; power form, etc. The correct selection of various configurations can maximize the function of the lifting platform and achieve the best use effect.

The fixed lifting platform can be equipped with manual hydraulic power, movable turning plate, rolling or motorized roller table which is convenient to overlap with surrounding facilities, safety touch bar to prevent foot rolling, organ type safety shield, human or motorized rotating table, hydraulic turning table, safety support bar to prevent the falling of lifting platform, stainless steel safety net, electric or hydraulic lifting platform Force system, universal ball table.

Fixed lifting platform can be divided into fixed lifting platform and double fork lifting platform according to different structures. Double fork lifting platform can meet the requirements of customers for long and narrow table and high load.

2. Vehicle mounted

In order to improve the mobility of the lifting platform, the vehicle mounted lifting platform is fixed on the battery carrier or truck. It receives the engine power of the car and realizes the lifting function of the vehicle mounted lifting platform. To adapt to the high-altitude operation inside and outside the plant. Widely used in hotels, buildings, airports, stations, stadiums, workshops, warehouses and other places of high-altitude operations; also as a temporary high-altitude lighting, advertising and so on.

3. Hydraulic type

The hydraulic lifting platform is widely used in various industrial enterprises and production lines, such as automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling, etc., to meet the lifting requirements of different working heights. At the same time, it can be equipped with various table forms (such as ball, roller, turntable, steering, tipping, telescoping), with various control modes (transfer, linkage, explosion-proof), with lifting and leveling Stable and accurate, frequent start-up, large load and other characteristics, effectively solve all kinds of lifting operation difficulties in industrial enterprises, so that production operation is easy and free. The scissor type lifting platform structure makes the platform lifting have higher stability, wide working platform and larger bearing capacity, which makes the scope of high-altitude work larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes aerial work more efficient and safer!

4. Curved arm type

The curved arm aerial platform can be used for overhanging operation, crossing certain obstacles or lifting at one place, and can be used for multi-point operation; the platform has a large load, which can be used for two or more people to work at the same time and can carry certain equipment; it can rotate 360 ° with a certain operation radius; the lifting platform has good mobility and convenient transfer site; the appearance is beautiful, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. At present, there are three types of power: diesel engine, diesel engine and electricity, pure battery drive, which are suitable for large-scale operations in stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, community properties, factories and mining workshops.

5. Casing type

The jacketed hydraulic lifting platform is a multi-level hydraulic cylinder rising vertically. The high-strength material and good mechanical properties of the hydraulic cylinder and the tower ladder shaped protective frame make the lifting platform more stable. Even at a height of 30 meters, you can feel its superior stability. Applicable occasions: factory buildings, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums and other main purposes: installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, overhead pipelines, high-altitude cleaning and other single person work at height.

6. Driveable

"Driveable lifting platform", also known as "vehicle mounted high-altitude lifting platform", is refitted from lifting platform and automobile. It is connected with the engine power of the car to realize the lifting function of the lifting platform. It is suitable for high altitude operation with large flow momentum. Therefore, it can be regarded as a model in technological innovation. Generally, the types of vehicles available are: FAW small liberation (single row / double row); Isuzu light truck (single row / double row); Dongfeng light truck (single row / double row); Nanjing Yuejin 1.5T (single row / double row); Nanjing Yuejin 3T (single row); Dongfeng truck 2T (single row)

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